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About Kevin Coleman

Kevin Coleman was elected in 2013 and has served as your Councilman for the last 4 years. He’s 34 years old and has lived in Westland for over 20 years. Kevin has served on the Westland Festival Committee and the Westland Veterans Association. He has raised funds for many causes including Camp Liberty, Veterans Memorial Garden of Westland, Alzheimer’s Association, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  

  • Fought for hiring 3 additional Firefighters
  • Added 4 Police Officers
  • Opposed 2014 tax increase


Elections Start Time

On November 7th, 2017 – The people of Westland will vote to decide on which direction the city will take for the next four years.

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 Campaign Policies


Public Safety

The current administration has reduced police staffing by 26%. With crime on the rise, it’s imperative to keep our city safe. Kevin Coleman will ensure that the police department has the resources they need to prosper.

Taxes & Water Rates

Residents and business owners have been squeezed by higher and higher bills which has driven some people out of town. It’s time to take a look at government operations, and to make our city affordable again.

Local Economy

Businesses have been moving to neighboring communities like Livonia and Canton. Westland can, and will, become competitive again -but it will take changes to the way that the city interacts with potential investors.


Ordinance enforcement and neighborhood upkeep are a key part of keeping our city safe and clean. The current administration hasn’t made this a priority. Kevin Coleman’s ‘Neighborhoods First’ approach focuses on meeting the needs of our city’s residents.

Culture of Service

Kevin Coleman will foster a change in the culture at City Hall, because city employees are there to serve you – the people. Great customer service is an integral part of that.

Fiscal Responsibility

Westland is projected to have a 4-year $7 Million deficit. Spending has not been in line with revenue, and city pension funds have not been maintained – which will leave the burden on the taxpayer. Westland must become fiscally responsible again.


Our Goals

Restoring Westland to its former glory is no small task. Here is a brief outline of some of our key goals to help get the city on the right track.

Get Tough On Crime.
We must reinvest in our police department that has had its staffing levels reduced by 26% under the current administration. Residents, business owners, and visitors to our town deserve to feel safe again. We will ensure that the city police force is well-budgeted and staff to keep our community safe.
Fix The Roads.
Attract Business Investment.

After 11 years under the current Mayor, it’s time for a change in Westland.

  • Aggressively seek business investment
  • Clean up Westland’s main roads and neighborhoods
  • Create a safer city for all of us by getting tough on crime



Thank You For Your Support

A change is coming to Westland, but only with your support! If you want an appropriately funded police force, the infrastructure we deserve, and a new approach to how work is done at City Hall, this is your chance. Please consider donating to the Councilman Kevin Coleman campaign for Mayor, by clicking the button below. Volunteering your valuable time is an additional way to assist our campaign. Use the buttons below to help elect Councilman Kevin Coleman to be Westland’s next Mayor!



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